PAI Candy 商店概念证明


游戏开发人员已经为PAI 糖果商店创建了一些游戏,可供新用户测试啦!可以点击此链接尝试游戏:

PAI游戏开发人员希望得到大家更多PAI 币支持将该项目继续进行下去。您可以通过扫描游戏页面底部二维码获取PAI Up钱包地址并将您的PAI币发送至该项目进行资助。所有转入该二维码钱包地址的PAI币将用于支持该项目更多的游戏开发。



关于PAI 糖果商店

PAI 糖果商店集产品和服务于一体的市场平台。公司可以在PAI 糖果商店列出自己的产品和服务,面向广大PAI社区成员,并可以向用户和早期采用者提供各种促进奖励措施。目前,PAI 糖果商店正处于试验阶段。

PAI Candy 商店概念证明

PAI Candy Store proof of concept with games

PAI Candy Store proof of concept with games

Hello PAIyo’s!

Some game developers have created some games for the PAI Candy Store and are now available for users to try out! Try out the games at the link here:

Let us know your comments and suggestions by replying to the post.

These game developers at PAI also appreciate any PAI Coin support to keep this project going. You can donate to the project by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the game page for a PAI Up Wallet address to send your PAI Coin to. Proceeds received from the address in the QR code will go towards supporting more game developers for this project.

Additionally, the PAI community is also looking for game developers. Find out more info on how to join here:

We thank you again for your support!

About PAI Candy Store

The PAI Candy store is a marketplace for products and services. Companies wishing to get access to the large community of PAI can list their products and services on PAI Candy store and also offer various incentives to users and early adopters. Currently PAI Candy store is in the pilot phase.