Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年10月5日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年10月5日



Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年10月5日

PAI 区块链主网升级硬分叉将会在区块高度 154,550 进行,对应于太平洋时间约2020年10月6日晚上9:50(约北京时间2020年10月7日中午12:30)


PAI Up iOS版本 正在Apple Store做发布审查,敬请期待.

从2020年10月5日世界标准时间(UTC)下午7点开始,将暂停PAI币池 (PAI Coin Pool) 的充值和提现,直到成功完成硬分叉和随后的过渡期(ITP)。

近期将发布有关PAI Up Web Wallet暂停服务的更多详细信息


● 如何准备混合共识硬分叉(最新版)

● 如何设置和维护PAI币全节点

● 混合共识分叉之后,PCP PAI币池中的挖矿和质押将如何变化?

● 单节点质押教程:即将推出!

● 单节点挖矿教程:即将推出!

如果您使用PAI Up 移动App钱包,请按照此教程写下您的助记词。 您需要用它来在新版本的PAI Up(一个单独的移动应用程序)和/或 PAI Up 网页钱包(上面恢复您的钱包。

写下您的PAI Up 钱包助记词

在您的PAI Up 移动App钱包中,进入” 菜单→安全设置→助记词→再次写下助记词”。接下来输入您的PIN,然后记录下显示的12个单词并将其存储在安全的地方。

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年10月5日


搭建PAI节点的激励计划即将推出,您每个月都会在PAI Coin Pool中获得奖励。请根据此教程搭建完整节点,然后请您用与您的PCP帐户相关联的电子邮件地址发送电子邮件至:





下面是目前所有正在进行的Project PAI挑战项目列表。注意所有截止日期暂时都被无限期延长。有关各项目的详细介绍,请查看7月27日的Project PAI 项目进度。

名称 类别 参与奖励 最终获奖奖励
PCP UI/UX 设计 设计/产品 1,500 PAI 15,000 PAI
PoUW Docker机器设置 代码编程 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW 拜占庭探测器 代码编程/科研 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW 通用计算 代码编程 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW格拉法纳(Grafana)仪表板 代码编程 1,500 PAI 30,000 PAI
PoUW 默克尔历史记录 代码编程/科研 1,500 PAI 60,000 PAI

PAI 混合共识

下面是我们开发人员在上周的一些提交/ 更新:

● 为新的混合共识实施了挖矿;

● 根据PAI Up Mobile中的混合共识更新了冻结和交易验证;

● 使用最新的UI元素更新了iOS版本的PAI Up;

● 新的区块奖励的付款处理(PCP与非PCP);

● 区块奖励的新付款处理;

● 集成cpuminer,paicoin和pai-miningcore的单元测试;

● 进行调整以适应新旧付款处理方式,以便在分叉时无缝过渡;

● 正在进行的更新:getblocktemplate的工作仅在收到三票后才移至下一个区块。




欢迎来 PAI 论坛 发表!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年10月5日


PAI News – October 5, 2020

Hard Fork Announcements & Information

The PAI Coin Mainnet Hard Fork will occur at block height 154,550, now corresponding to approximately 9:50 PM Pacific Time on October 6, 2020. (4:50 AM UTC on October 7, 2020)

Track the countdown here:

PAI Up iOS is IN REVIEW for official listing in the Apple App Store. Stay tuned for further updates.

PAI Coin Pool deposits and withdrawals will be suspended starting at 7 PM UTC on October 5, 2020 until successful completion of the hard fork and the subsequent Interim Transition Period (ITP).

More Information about the upcoming Hybrid fork:

●How to prepare for the Hybrid Consensus hard fork:…

●How to setup and maintain a PAI Coin Full Node:…

●How mining and staking on PAI Coin Pool will change after the Hybrid Fork:…

●How to solo stake: Coming soon!

●How to solo mine: Coming soon!

If you use PAI Up Mobile, WRITE DOWN YOUR PAPER KEY according to the instructions below. You will need this to restore your wallet on the new version of PAI Up, which will be a separate app, and/or PAI Up Web Wallet.

Write Down Your PAI Up Paper Key

In your PAI Up Mobile, go to Menu → Security Settings → Paper Key → Write Down Paper Key Again. Enter your PIN, then physically write down the 12 words that are displayed and store them in a safe place.

● Set up a full node and have your PAI Coin Pool account topped up every month that it’s online! Set up a full node according to these instructions, then email:

from the email address associated with your PCP account. In the email, include the IP address or URL of your full node.

PAI Weekly Updates

PoUW Ongoing Challenges

Don’t forget about the ongoing Project PAI Developer Challenges! Here’s a complete list. Note that all deadlines have been extended indefinitely. Project descriptions are available in the July 27 Newsletter.

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年10月5日

PAI Hybrid Consensus

Here’s a snapshot of development work the team has been focused on:

● Implemented mining for new Hybrid Consensus in PAI Miner;

● Updated block and transaction validation according to Hybrid Consensus in PAI Up Mobile;

● Updated the iOS version of PAI Up with the latest UI elements;

● New payment processing for block rewards (PCP vs non-PCP);

● New payment processing for staking rewards;

● Ensemble unit tests for cpuminer, paicoin, and pai-miningcore;

● Adjustments to accommodate both old & new payment processing methods for seamless transition upon fork;

● Ongoing work to update getblocktemplate to only move to the next block once three votes are received

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

Sound off on PAI Forum!

Thank you for your support!