PAI Coin Pool矿池和PoW/PoS混合共识


混合PoW / PoS共识机制和PCP平台的部分独立目标是:(a)给PAI币的区块验证去中心化,以及(b)降低挖矿和质押的进入门槛,特别是对于非技术用户。此外,尽管混合PoW / PoS仍在进行中,PAI Coin Pool最初是作为“脱链”平台启动的,其目的之一是向用户介绍挖矿和质押的概念。

当通过PAI区块链的硬分叉启动Hybrid PoW / PoS时,PAI Coin Pool应该是用户最容易进行挖矿和质押的门户。挖矿白名单将被删除,并且任何用户(通过从Project PAI GitHub克隆并构建PAI Coin Core)都有特权和能力“独自挖矿”或“独自质押”。但是,类似于Poolin,AntPool,Slush Pool等,通过PAI Coin Pool进行挖矿和质押交易应该更简单,更容易获得并且可能会带来更大的利润。

本文档旨在指定实现混合PoW / PoS共识和PCP合并的方法。



● 在这种机制下,PCP矿池将充当单个大型矿工。

● PAI矿池将运营一个真实的采矿节点。PAI Coin Pool将汇总各个PAI Miner应用提交的所有份额。矿池认为有效的候选块将在网络上广播,以使节点进行评估并附加到区块链。

● 在删除或调整了“区块奖励”补贴因素(即,当PAI矿池整体上赢得挖矿块奖励时,该奖励将支付给每个个人矿工,比例是自从上一个区块后,该矿工与其他矿工产生的幸运哈希数量的比例)之后,PAI矿池独立用户获得报酬的处理方式将与当前相同

● 按原样进行PCP挖矿与修改后的方案之间的主要区别是:

○ 各个用户提交的区块将确确实实被附加到区块链上。

○ 支付不会在每次挖到区块时发生,仅当由PCP用户自己开采的区块附加到区块链时才会发生。

○ 支付给矿工的报酬不是整个区块奖励的一小部分,而是(如果PCP区块奖励补贴因子!=(不等于) 1.0的)按协议定义分配给矿工的区块奖励的一部分(例如, ,占矿工的70%)。


● PAI Coin Pool质押的用户资金将通过PAI Coin Pool节点质押。不管其他利益相关者是否独立存在或参与,协议都应该自然地和常规地根据将要抵押的PAI代币的相对数量,通过投票选择PCP节点。

● PAI矿池质押将按照当前的方式运行。用户可以在2到52周之间选择任何时间段抵押任何金额


○ 他们的收入增加额将根据当前的金额,质押金额,所押时间以及相对于他人所押金额的函数进行计算。

● 与挖矿一样,支付给质押者的报酬不是整个区块奖励的一小部分,而是(如果PCP区块奖励补贴因子!=(不等于) 1.0的)按协议定义分配给质押者的区块奖励的一部分(例如, ,占质押者的6%)。


PAI Coin Pool and Hybrid PoW/PoS

Overview and Goal

Some individual goals of the Hybrid PoW/PoS Consensus Mechanism and the PAI Coin Pool platform are to (a) decentralize the block validation of PAI Coin and (b) lower the barrier to entry for mining and staking, especially for non-technical users. Further, while Hybrid PoW/PoS is still in progress, PAI Coin Pool was initially launched as an “off-chain” platform, in an effort to, among other things, introduce users to the concepts of mining and staking.


When Hybrid PoW/PoS is launched via a hard fork of the PAI Blockchain, PAI Coin Pool should be the portal by which users can most easily mine and stake. The mining whitelist will have been removed, and any user will have the prerogative and ability (via cloning and building PAI Coin Core from the Project PAI GitHub) to “solo mine” or “solo stake.” Nonetheless, analogous to Poolin, AntPool, Slush Pool and so forth, it should be simpler, more accessible, and potentially more profitable, to mine and stake via PAI Coin Pool.


This document is intended to specify the approach to achieving the merger of Hybrid PoW/PoS and PAI Coin Pool.

Mining & Staking on PAI Coin Pool

Mining by Proxy

● In this mechanism, PAI Coin Pool will act as a single large miner.

● PAI Coin Pool will operate one real mining node. PAI Coin Pool will aggregate all shares submitted by individual PAI Miner apps. Candidate blocks deemed valid by the pool will be broadcast on the network for staking nodes to evaluate and append to the blockchain.

● Individual PAI Coin Pool user payouts will be handled the same way they are currently, potentially after removing or adjusting the Block Reward Subsidy Factor (i.e., when PAI Coin Pool as a whole wins a mining block reward, the reward will be paid out to individual miners proportional to the number of Lucky Hashes they generated relative to other miners in the time since the previous block was mined).

● The principal differences between PCP mining as is and this proposed modification are:

○ Blocks submitted by individual users will actually be appended to the blockchain.

○ Payouts will not occur every time a block is mined, they will occur only when a block mined by a PAI Coin Pool user themselves is appended to the blockchain.

○ The payout to miners will not be a fraction of the entire block reward, but rather (a fraction of, if PCP Block Reward Subsidy Factor != 1.0) the fraction of the block reward that is allotted to miners as defined by the protocol (e.g., 70% to miners).

Off-Chain Staking

●PAI Coin Pool staked user deposits will be staked via the PAI Coin Pool node. Whether or not other stakers independently exist or participate, the PCP node should be naturally and routinely chosen by the protocol to  vote on a given block due to the relative amount of PAI Coin it will have staked.

● PAI Coin Pool Staking would function as it currently does. Users would stake any amount for any time period they choose between 2 and 52 weeks.

● Users’ staking earnings would increase every time a block is validated with a vote from any or all of the PAI Foundation’s stake vouchers.

○ The increase in their earnings would be calculated as it currently is, as a function of amount staked, time staked for, and relative to others’ staked amounts.

● Like with mining, the payout to stakers would no longer be a fraction of the entire block reward, but rather (a fraction of, if PCP Block Reward Subsidy Factor != 1.0) the fraction of the block reward that is allotted to stakers as defined by the protocol (e.g., 6% for each staker who voted on the block).