Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日



Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

● 上周六,我们与顶级主厨Ron Duprat的网络直播非常成功!主厨罗恩(Ron)在直播里进行了一场现场烹饪,展示了如何制作他的招牌菜香辣排骨(Hoisin Chili Sticky Spare Ribs)。

○ 此活动是由PAI Coin Pool 黄金会员和D Wade 酒窖共同举办的。快来注册PCP 黄金会员,抢先体验会员专属服务!您还可以参与更多的名人直播系列活动哦!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

● 还在犹豫今晚晚餐搭配哪一款酒么? 来问pAIr.bot吧,这是Lanier AI Labs的最新产品。

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

● PAI币核心开发人员已经发布了9月的混合共识机制开发计划。请参阅下面获得更多详情。

● 为鼓励更多人可以参与,我们无限期延长所有Project PAI开发人员挑战赛的截止日期,具体的截止日期将在收到一定量的建议书后公布。欢迎将您的建议书发送至。

○ 请注意:所有高质量的提交将获得1500 PAI奖励,而最佳提交者将获得15,000 PAI大奖。千万不要错过哦!

● 温馨提醒:如果您需要使用多个设备登录访问PAI Up钱包,推荐您使用PAI Up 网络版钱包。您可以从所有主要网络浏览器安全发送,接收和管理您的PAI币。欢迎登录wallet.paiup.com访问您的钱包

02 每周更新

PAI Coin Pool

请不要忘记点击此处注册获得PAI Coin Pool黄金会员的抢先体验机会:

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

(PAI Coin Pool 黄金会员抢先体验)

什么是PAI Coin Pool黄金会员?

PAI Coin Pool 黄金会员是一项新的订阅服务,也是PAI Coin Pool的一部分。它并不是一项筹款方式,而是一种付费服务,可以为PAI Coin Pool会员提供额外的专属优惠和促销活动。

PAI Coin Pool 黄金会员通过订阅支付年费(将以PAI币或者比特币支付),您可以获得以下专属特权:

●可以独家访问PCP 黄金会员直播,例如即将与NBA篮球教练罗布·麦克(Rob Mac)进行的PAI系列网络直播。这些活动将在限定时间内向公众开放,之后将只对PCP黄金会员开放。




●有权访问PAI Miner的命令行版本


请注意:为了为您提供便利,我们的PCP 黄金会员订阅同时支持PAI币和比特币支付。


如果PAI Coin Pool总质押值增加超过一定界限值,所有PAI用户将有机会通过质押质押获得更多PAI币。


6390万 PAI


7500万 PAI


100 PAI (+33%)


Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日


下面是目前所有正在进行的Project PAI挑战项目列表。截止日期马上就要到了,请记得尽快提交哦!有关各项目的详细介绍,请查看7月27日的Project PAI 项目进度。

名称 类别 截止日期 参与奖励 最终获奖奖励
PCP UI/UX 设计 设计/产品 待定 1,500 PAI 15,000 PAI
PoUW Docker机器设置 代码编程 2020年8月28日 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW 拜占庭探测器 代码编程/科研 2020年8月28日 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW 通用计算 代码编程 2020年8月28日 1,500 PAI 6,000 PAI
PoUW格拉法纳(Grafana)仪表板 代码编程 2020年9月25日 1,500 PAI 30,000 PAI
PoUW 默克尔历史记录 代码编程/科研 2020年10月23日 1,500 PAI 60,000 PAI

PAI 混合共识

Project PAI核心开发人员已经发布了9月混合共识开发计划图。硬分叉暂定将于9月30日进行(请注意,只有在PAI区块链达到特定的高度/长度(而不是在特定的日期和时间)时才可以调度该硬分叉。)

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

下面是我们开发人员在上周的一些提交/ 更新:

● 测试网开发:准备虚拟机并已成功解决Ubuntu 16.04编译问题。

● 正在进行采矿核心的更新,从而实现混合兼容性

● 正在更新PAIchain.info区块浏览器索引,从而可以支持和显示新的交易类型及区块头更改

● 实施到期处理,以便处理已投票和撤销交易

● 更新代码实现允许花费表决和撤销交易输出

● 解决了区块中的质押交易捆绑问题

03 问题和建议


欢迎来 PAI 论坛 发表!

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日


PAI News – August 31, 2020


● The Celebrity Livestream with Chef Ron Duprat was a huge success! This past Saturday, Top Chef Ron hosted a live cooking demonstration where he showed viewers how to make his signature Hoisin Chili Sticky Spare Ribs.

○ This event was brought to you by PAI Coin Pool Gold and D Wade Wine Cellars. Remember to sign up for early access to PCP Gold, so you can continue to enjoy these exclusive livestream celebrity events.

● Not sure which wine to drink with dinner tonight? Ask, the newest offering from Lanier AI Labs.

● The PAI Coin Core Developers have released their September roadmap for launching Hybrid Consensus. See below for more details.

● To encourage more participation, the deadlines for ALL Project PAI Developer Challenge has been extended indefinitely. We will announce a cutoff date in the future, once an adequate number of submissions have been received. Submit your work any time to

○ Remember: All high-quality submissions will be rewarded with 1,500 PAI and the best submission is eligible for a Grand Prize of 15,000 PAI. Don’t miss out!

● Reminder: If you need to access your PAI Up Wallet across multiple devices, the PAI Up Web Wallet is another way to do so. You can send, receive, and manage your PAI Coin securely from all major web browsers. Access your wallet on now at

PAI Weekly Updates

PAI Coin Pool

Remember to sign up for early access to PAI Coin Pool if you haven’t already:

PAI Coin Pool Gold Early Access

What is PAI Coin Pool Gold?

PAI Coin Pool Gold is a new subscription service being launched as part of PAI Coin Pool. It is a premium service that will offer subscribers additional perks, promotions, and offers through PAI Coin Pool.

PAI Coin Pool Gold subscribers, for a nominal annual fee, paid in Bitcoin OR PAI Coin, will receive:

●Exclusive access to PCP Gold Live Streams, such as the upcoming PAI Celebrity Series with Rob Mac, an NBA Skills Trainer. For a limited time, these special events are available to the general public, but soon will require subscription to PCP Gold.

●Increased mining & staking block rewards

●Increased referral rewards

●Access to exclusive promotions to earn more PAI

●Access to a command-line version of PAI Miner

●Complimentary subscriptions to partner apps, like PlayersIQ

Note: We are accepting both Bitcoin and PAI Coin for PCP Gold subscriptions to give you flexibility and the opportunity to hold onto your PAI Coin for staking.

Tiered Staking Rewards

All users have the opportunity to earn more PAI Coin through staking if the total amount staked increases past certain thresholds.

Current total amount staked:

63.9 million PAI

Next threshold:

75 million PAI

Block reward will increase to:

100 PAI (+33%)

Stake more today!

Ongoing Challenges

Here’s a complete list of all the ongoing Project PAI challenges. The deadlines are approaching quickly, so submit your work soon! Project descriptions are available in the July 27 Newsletter.

Project PAI 项目进度- 2020年8月31日

PAI Hybrid Consensus

The Project PAI Core Developers have released the September roadmap for Hybrid Consensus launch. The hard fork is tentatively scheduled for September 30 (Note that it is only possible to schedule the fork to occur when the PAI Blockchain reaches a specific height/length, not at a specific date and time.)

Here’s a more detailed snapshot of development progress being made:

●Testnet development: Prepared virtual machines and resolved Ubuntu 16.04 compilation problems.

●Ongoing Mining Core updates for Hybrid compatibility

●Updating Block Explorer indexing to support and display new transaction types and block header changes

●Implemented maturity handling for vote and revocation transaction outputs

●Updated code to allow spending of vote and revocation transaction outputs

●Resolved issues with bundling stake transactions in blocks.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

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Thank you for your support!