Hello World, I am Nerve ——the Bridge of Blockchain Value Circulation

摘要:Hello World, I am Nerve!

Hello World, I am Nerve ——the Bridge of Blockchain Value Circulation

Hello World, I am Nerve!

What is Nerve?

Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservice framework and developed with the NULS chain-building tool –ChainBox. It aims to break the status of the island of blockchain value, establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for the Defi application ecosystem. Letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services.

Through the Nerve cross-chain interaction protocol, only a small amount of development is required through a standard interface to transform the blockchain of different structures into a set of universal asset types that can be recognized by cross-chain modules in the NULS ecosystem. In this way, it can open up asset interactions inside and outside the NULS ecosystem, and at the same time provide rich Defi usage scenarios for mainstream digital assets such as BTC and ETH.

Value islands are common in the blockchain world

Bitcoin has now reached more than 100 billion in market capitalization, and various public chains have also emerged; however assets on each chain have become islands of value, and some breakthrough Defi use cases cannot maximize their value due to the limitation of the local currency on the chain, and the emerging industry of blockchain cannot continue to make strong breakthroughs.

However, the process of people’s pursuit of freedom has never stopped. For the first time, DeFi applications allow human beings to fully enjoy the free and autonomous asset services that everyone should have. Nerve aims to realize this vision, to create a multi-asset interaction value world, and discuss common cross-chain protocols for value interoperability with various communities, to provide better support for the birth of large-scale Defi applications and gather industry forces, so that Defi can continue to make breakthroughs and achieve the goal of serving all humanity.

Why Nerve is needed?

We will develop a set of universal heterogeneous cross-chain interaction protocols. Through the standard protocol conversion layer of Nerve, it can match the common interface standards for development, access more mainstream digital assets, and form a universal heterogeneous cross-chain interaction protocol. People only need to develop a module following the common interface standard, can load Nerve’s cross-chain interaction protocol through the verification and upgrade of virtual banks and consensus nodes.

We will provide a new intelligent lightning network for mainstream digital assets such as BTC and ETH. A public chain like Bitcoin has a long transaction confirmation time and high transfer costs. Through Nerve, fast transactions can be initiated with low fees and second-level confirmations can be achieved on Nerve. Most mainstream digital assets such as BTC have not smart contracts yet. For example, Defi applications such as decentralized mortgage lending and decentralized exchanges cannot be implemented directly on their own chains. However, you can easily access more application scenarios by Nerve.

Nerve Network will open the closed-loop of the mainstream digital asset blockchains, which can be quickly transferred to each blockchain in the NULS ecosystem. Every chain is like a local area network, On-chain assets can only be circulated in a closed-loop. With the blockchain built by NULS modules, only the optional cross-chain module can be used to achieve the free circulation of assets. Nerve’s goal is to connect with other mainstream heterogeneous blockchains to build a blockchain value ecological network, such as BTC, ETH, etc.

Nerve is a multi-asset, open and transparent value interaction platform, which provides all the underlying support needed for the Defi application ecosystem. We deposit digital assets such as BTC into centralized platforms, such as exchanges, centralized wealth management wallets, etc., However, these platforms can misappropriate these assets at will, like a black box, which cannot ensure the security of the assets. On Nerve instead, you can build a platform for asset transactions and all data is open and transparent. Your assets are controlled by multi-signature through cross-chain virtual banks to ensure their security.

NDEX (Nerve DEX)

As a complete Defi application ecosystem, asset exchange will be an essential infrastructure. Compared to a centralized exchange, DEX will have great prospects as a more fair and transparent solution.

NDEX is based on the Nerve network and is designed as an open exchange that anyone can participate in. NDEX is implemented using on-chain matching. All consensus nodes participate in transaction matching and ensure the fairness of the exchange.

I’m Nerve and I am coming, looking forward to bring something different for the world!