Nabox integrates the community governance tool, USDI and POCM

Dear community members:

The NULS eco-friendly mobile wallet, Nabox, which is the first to b managed and maintained by the NULS Technical Community (NTC), has released a new version. This version integrates the NULS community governance tool, USDI and POCM, which will provide you with ease of use on the mobile application and allow for a better user experience. If you have not don so already, we welcome you to download the wallet and try out the new features.

I. Update History


Add community voting function;Add POCM function;Add USDI.CO;Fix bugs and add optimization.


Add community voting function;Add POCM function;Add USDI.CO;Support NRC20 token transfer;Fix bugs and add optimization.

II. Update Steps


Exit the previous version and relaunch it again. The app will automatically detect a new version and will give you a prompt where you can click ‘Download’ to update the app.

If you would like to go directly to the download link, you can visit here: 


Due to an issue with Apple, the way Nabox distributes the IOS app is through Apple’s TestFlight. Please follow the directions below to access the wallet on IOS.

Go to the Appstore and download TestFlight.Click the link to download:

Note: Although TestFlight is generally used for the distribution of test versions, Nabox uses TestFlight to distribute the official version of the wallet which is directly connected to the NULS MainNet. Please pay attention to this to avoid loss of your assets caused by mistaking it for the test version.


Notice hereby

January 7, 2020