PAI Candy商店预发布首款产品:基于AI的微生物组测试

PAI Candy商店预发布首款产品:基于AI的微生物组测试

PAI Candy 商店

PAI Candy商店是一个可以提供产品和服务的市场。我们希望PAI社区的用户们都可以将他们的产品和服务展现在PAI Candy 商店中,同时,我们也会为用户和早期采用者提供不同的优惠和奖励,如果使用 PAI 币来支付的话。目前,PAI Candy商店正处于测试阶段。未来,PAI Candy商店将为用户提供健康、体育、娱乐、社交等不同应用场景的产品和服务。

基于AI的微生物组测试:PAI Candy商店的首款产品

近期的 2019-nCov 病毒爆发事件引起社会的广泛关注,也使我们对健康问题有了更密切的关注和重视。目前,已经有几家知名企业有兴趣与PAI社区合作,让社区成员有机会获得早期产品和服务。若PAI用户选择PAI币支付,还可以享受额外折扣。测试程序具体如下。若该测试顺利进行,PAI社区可以很快通过PAI Candy 商店的新服务访问更多其他类型的产品和服务。

这家由硅谷著名风险投资机构支持的医疗保健公司是众多最早与PAI Candy 商店合作的公司之一。该公司在美国已经建立了很好的声誉,并计划在中国发展业务。该公司提供的肠道微生物组测试,是同类产品中最先进的技术,可以深度分析构成人体独特的肠道微生物组的细菌,真菌,噬菌体,酵母,寄生虫和病毒菌株及种类。它先进的AI算法可以为每个人提供精准并可行的营养建议。该测试计划将直接提供给所有PAI社区成员。他们提供的分析结果,在深度上超过市场上其他产品10倍。





PAI Candy商店预发布首款产品:基于AI的微生物组测试

Introduction to PAI Candy Store

PAI Candy store is a marketplace for products and services. Companies wishing to get access to the large community of PAI can list their products and services on PAI Candy store and also offer various incentives to users and early adopters with PAI coin. Currently PAI Candy store is in the pilot phase. In the future, PAI Candy store will provide users with products and services in different application scenarios such as health, sports, entertainment and social networking.

AI-Based Microbiome Test: The First Product on the PAI Candy Store

The recent 2019-nCov virus outbreaks have brought attention to maintaining better health and hygiene. Several businesses are interested in working with the PAI community to offer them early access to useful, health-related products and services. The PAI community can also avail of these services and get discounts as well. A pilot program is described below. If this pilot goes well, the PAI community can soon get access to a wider range of other products and services through a new service called PAI Candy store.

One of the first companies that wants to work with the PAI Candy Store is a healthcare AI company funded by prominent Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists (VCs). The company is already well-known and established in the US and is planning to launch its operations in China soon.

It provides a state-of-the-art Smart Gut-based microbiome test, which is the most advanced of its kind in the world. This test is able to map the strains and species of bacteria, fungi, phages, yeast, parasites, and viruses that make up your unique gut microbiome. The company’s AI algorithms deliver precise, actionable nutritional recommendations unique to each individual, providing 10 times better and deeper analysis than what’s currently available in the market. Based upon your tests and analysis, you will receive recommendations which include personalized food recommendations based on your test results, so you’ll know which foods to enjoy, which foods to minimize, and also which foods to avoid. You may receive recommendations for supplements designed by the company’s team of medical doctors, nutritionists, and naturopathic doctors and tailored to benefit you based on your test results. These typically come in the form of a prebiotic, probiotic, or supplement of polyphenols.

The company is planning to make its test available soon to all PAI community members directly.

To opt-in for the survey, please scan the QR Code below. Thank you for your support!

PAI Candy商店预发布首款产品:基于AI的微生物组测试